Clint McGraw began his journey as an entertainment professional in 1994.  At the age of fourteen, he borrowed his father's music equipment and started DJing school dances and birthday parties.  Clint went to college and pursued a degree in radio & television broadcasting.  He has worked at multiple radio and television stations in Central Illinois. After getting married in his early twenties, Clint and his wife would attend multiple weddings a year.  During these weddings Clint would observed the flaws in the wedding DJ industry and deciding to do something about it.  He created a wedding DJ guideline that would eliminate any mistakes or embarrasing moments during a wedding ceremony or reception.  It was in 2005 when Clint put the system in to play and created a company called Party On Productions.  During the next fifteen years Party On Productions would grow to a team of 6 professionals and provide services for over six hundred weddings. In 2020 Clint made the decision to scale back in order to offer a more personal and engaging experience for his clients.  It is with this decision that Party On Productions became Clint McGraw Productions. 

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Clint McGraw

Formerly Party On Productions

2021 & 2022